Sell a business

For the seller, there are 5 steps in the process:

1. Making an appointment with us

Auspac Business Sales wants to listen to your needs in person or on the phone, eg, you want to sell a restaurant. We wish to know the reason why you want to sell your business, what is your expectation on the price, business appraisal, location, selling time, trading days and hours, trial period, equipments conditions etc. Therefore, we can offer you professional service.

2. Sign up Form 6 and clear finance report

Your Form 6 details must be genuine, and as well our qualified buyer must sign a Confidentiality agreement to know about your business information. A Form 6 must be signed by the seller before we undertake to act on your behalf.

The seller needs to know that a transparent finance report is essential. A clear Business Activities Statement (BAS) , business value will be trusted. We suggest you start to prepare your BSA and equipment list early. You will then be able to sell your business for a better price and quickly.

3. Advertising

We will select and use an appropriate advertising media campaign designed for your business (Internet, local newspaper, overseas advertisement, network, video and website etc). Costs will be negotiated according to your budget needs. In some situation, we do have private sales listing, we do respect of your will and no advertisement in any public media.

4. Matching Buyer and Seller

We will introduce and refer you to quality buyers and negotiate on your behalf and advise you on the best buyer for you. The final choice will be your decision.

5. Legal Process

We will oversee the arrangements between the Buyers and Sellers solicitors. We also put the buyer in contact with the lessee and arrange for the contract signing.