Buy a business

For the buyer, there are 5 steps in the process:

1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is important for our company to protect both buyer and seller, and a confidentiality agreement must be signed by the buyer before we undertake to act on your behalf.

2. Choosing or finding the right business for you

Base on information you provided, We will help you to purchase a business for your needs. We will endeavour to match you with the business you require using our extensive list of currently available businesses. If you require a specific business type(e.g. you want to buy a coffee shop in a particular location) we will search and setup a meeting with a seller.

3. Budget and Capability

We will investigate a suitable budget for the business you wish to buy and offer advice regarding experience needed to operate your business successfully. We can advice you about competent organization and optimization of your business. We are prepared to listen to your needs and requirements and offer any advice you need.

4. Collect Information

Our duty as your broker is to know and help you collect and organize any information required. e.g. business activity statement(BAS), environment of location, estimated stock, current weekly or monthly sales, business earnings, expense, copy of lease, equipment list, area/s.q.m, reason for selling, trading days and hours etc.

5. Offer / Negotiation / Contract and Legal Process

To take the burden off you we arrange a letter of offer or standard business contract. Once the agreement is reached we send the draft contract and the letter of offer to the buyer and buyers solicitor. We will negotiate between the buyer, seller and solicitors for you.