About Sign Max Business Sales

Sign Max Business Sales Pty Ltd is a professional business sales brokerage company with local community networks and contacts including shop owners, real estate, accountants, migration and business communities. Our special service includes internet advertising using web based technology, such as, user friendly Smart mobile phone websites and popular business sales adverting sites.

Sign Max Business Sales have a professional IT team working on online marketing, We have particular expertise in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which allows us to provide you with maximum advertising efficiency for your business sales. We have the knowledge and expertise to list your business for optimal exposure and to keep your business highly visible to the public in Google search.

Buy a business

For buyer, Sign Max Business Sales team can assist you establish as the owner of a successful small business, medium business or franchise business in the Sunshine State. We have built up listing database system to support our sales team, our sales can fast search your wish listing for you.

Please contact with us and let our qualified specialists find the best business that suits your experience, interest, business goals and finance condition.

Business for sale


For seller, Our business brokers will ensure that you get the best possible price for your hard earned business. We can help you to maximize the return on investment you are seeking.

We offer professional appraisals, added value advice, visible advertising, a powerful IT service and a skilled sales team. We aim for a quick sale of your business to the right buyer.

Sign Max Business Sales connect the buyers completing a purchase to the sellers making a sale . We assure you that all enquiries and business sales are conducted privately and in confidence.

Things you should know about trading a business...

Business value:


The value of a business often depends on facts such as current sales, expenses, location and turnover etc. A methodical approach to the evaluation of a business will include both an appraisal and a valuation.

Business Appraisal:

Sign Max Business Sales can offer you a free quick appraisal from the information you offer to us. We require your business active statement (BAS), weekly or monthly income, rental, invoices, outgoings, stock, staff salary, spends, trading time and equipment list. You will then receive some estimate about the value of your business.

Business Valuation:

This valuation requires a professional registered business valuer to estimate your business value. Sign Max Business Sales can refer you to a professional valuer, if you require this service. It can help you get a more professional valuation. Please notice 1. the consultation fee will be charged by the valuer. 2. business value might not be the same as market value or sold price.


Trading period:

Negotiations between buyer and seller and the legal process will depend on individual contracts. The time taken will differ in each case. Generally it takes 1-3 month period.

Advertisement Fee:

Advertising is an essential cost to advertise seller's business information in local newspapers and online internet advertisements.

For more online advertisement efficiency, Sign Max Business Sales have a Professional IT team undertake SEO online marketing for more exprosure.

Sign Max Business Sales receive advertisement fee on advertisement only. We must let you know we spend time on paper work and input on collecting information, composing and planning your business advertisement on our cost. Sign Max Business sales team use our commission income to cover the cost.



Generally, business owners want to keep business information private. As professional broker and interested buyer, we must respect confidentiality and not negatively affect the business seller. Sign Max Business requests the interested buyer to sign a confidentiality agreement with us, before we offer further business information, such as shop name, location, turnover, and expenses.


The Buyer has no charges: According to the law in Australia, brokers can only be a seller or a buyer agent. Sign Max Business is a seller's agent generally. Seller Commission Charge. Sign Max Business does not charge high fees. We have a very reasonable costing scale. We provide client feedback on costing for marketing and our commission for selling your business. The costs are within the industry's range or can be negotiated on a personal basis.

Local Newspaper:

Advertising with Sign Max Business Sales gives you more exposure and a competitive edge ahead of other similar businesses selling around you. You can reach even more people as we advertise your business for sale on two popular local newspapers: the Queensland Property Weekly and the World News Weekly. We have great working relationships with both newspaper groups.